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YouTube Music is an innovative music video streaming service developed by YouTube, an affiliate of Google. It gives a more customized interface for its service oriented towards online music viewing, enabling users to easily browse through music videos and songs on YouTube according to genres, playlists, and personal preferences. In addition, it is designed with an intention to provide a better listening experience to its users, making their way through a variety of music channels, notifying them about upcoming songs, albums, artists, and clips that are meant to be released some time in the future. The service also allows users to make their own account on YouTube, which can be accessed by all registered members for quick updates on new music videos, as well as accessing other features of YouTube Music such as radio and television options.

As an example, with the YouTube Music app for iPhone and the Android Market, users can choose from a variety of playlists like rock, classical, R&B, hip hop, pop, jazz, metal, hip hop, alternative, dance, sports, and others. The application lets you browse and listen to the most popular music videos and songs on YouTube using the convenience of your iPhone or Android device. You can also view your subscriptions to music channels and listen to your featured videos on the web site whenever you are free. For those who are already registered as a YouTube member, you will find several additional benefits offered by YouTube Music.

The most exciting feature of YouTube Music is the fact that it combines the best features of iTunes and the innovative features of the popular video-sharing website. This means that with the YouTube Music app, you get to experience all the great capabilities of iTunes, the value of being able to sync your music library on your Android device, as well as access to the new collaborative playlists. On top of that, you will even find some great photo effects and filters, and screen wipes in the free version of YouTube Music. No matter what genre you are into listening to or watching, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the variety of great songs featured in the YouTube Music app. If you love music and videos, then YouTube Music is definitely the app for you.